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The Struggle is Real....Winter in Minnesota!

  • 2 min read

Have you ever tried to push a shopping cart through a snow filled parking lot? If you have not than imagine filling a cart full of dumbbells and pushing it up and down the beach. Get the picture? It is awful! It makes us mumble words to ourselves that we would never say to other people. Combinations of words and phrases that would make a sailor blush! This cart did not even make it back to the cart corral. Left abandoned by its last driver in a fit of rage I'm sure. I love you Target but maybe some skis on the carts for winter?


This is no joke! This is an obvious sign of seasoned professional! You leave those wipers down during a snowfall you might as well not have wipers. They turn into frozen rubber pieces of ice and they are useless. You warm up your car and have defrost on high only to have the wipers make that "nails on the chalkboard squeal" (made the hair on your neck stand up, didn't it?)  Don't be an amateur, get those wipers in the air.



Snow Plows is a love hate relationship. We appreciate all you do and the time you spend away from family all hours of the day to keep our roads clear. However, you always seem to cruise our street at 5 am and the sound of metal scrapping asphalt wakes me up and instantly give me the cold reality that I have work to do. If I hear the plow I know there is snow, I know call me a rocket scientist, but what I also know is the end of my driveway is plugged tight with snow and it is 3 times deeper and more compact then the rest of the driveway. It is part of the process and not blaming the plow driver, I am just complaining, can't a grown man just whine once in a while?  


The last one to prove that the struggle is indeed real anywhere the snow flies.  You have to shovel a spot for your dog to go to the bathroom. Go ahead and laugh all you warm weather states.  You have no idea the struggle for our furry companions. Imagine being 12" tall from the floor to the top of your shoulders and then going out to squat in 6" of snow. Imagine doing that with a foot of snow, not so funny is it? 

The struggle is real, no doubt, so don't laugh at us when we wear shorts when it gets to 50 degrees in March. We earned it so let us have our moment!