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Fire Poker Stick For Dad

  • 2 min read

Get dad a gift that will replace the stick he has been using around the Campfire!

We have all been there.  We start a fire, which for some of us can be a chore in itself. We get settled into a lawn chair and have one hand on our favorite beverage and it happens.

You need something to flip the log up that just tipped on its side despite the 15 minutes you just spent creating what you deemed to be the perfect teepee out of 3 logs. Then you wonder what happened to that stick I used last night, it worked perfect. It does not take you long to remember that someone decided it was "just" a stick at the end of the night and it is now ashes in the bottom of the fire pit.

What is a person to do?  How can you avoid such a fate for many campfire seasons to come?  We have an option for you. The perfect tool for any outdoor fire pit and an awesome gift for dad is this fire poker from Campfire Bay.

Stainless Steel Fire Poker


  • 3/8" Stainless Steel round bar construction
  • 6" rounded hook to lift even the large logs
  • Handmade burnt pine handle
  • 48" long fire poker
  • Made in Minnesota, USA

Why stainless steel? Our answer is simple......... QUALITY!

Our fire poker is made to be the last one you will buy. We know these are not cheap and if you are going to spend your hard earned money on a high end campfire tool then it better not rust and the craftsmanship better be high quality.  We accomplished both! We are proud of these and stand by the quality and craftsmanship.  Don't take our word for it here is what others are saying.

..........Superb, high quality, very sound product. I have used many different pokers and I'm very confident this will be the only and last poker I will ever need. Absolutely excellent customer service experience and product..........

........I recvd this item as a gift for Christmas. The craftsmanship of this item is so good I knew my Brother-in-law would love 1 too. I ordered it and it came in just a couple of days!..........


 An 11" pine handle gives you room for 2 hands to handle even the biggest logs.  

Fire Poker Stainless Steel

If someone decides they want to throw this "stick" in the fire, well then I guess you will need to make some new campfire rules. Don't forget to take this fire pit poker along to your next bonfire or campfire.

Make a Father happy this Fathers Day and get him something better than a stick.