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Our story started around a campfire in Northern Minnesota.  We are humbled our fire pokers are now joining people all over the country around their campfires.  The desire to make high quality products and provide outstanding customer service is evident in everything we do.  Let us help you control the logs at your next fire!

Superior Campfire tools that last!

By making our campfire tools out of stainless steel we are ensuring they will last for years. We do not cut corners to make our products cheap and that also means they are not for everyone. We understand not everyone will see the value in expensive fire pit tools. What we can tell you is, the ones that do will never go back to the cheap stuff again!

Our signature wood handles are made from ash which is a strong, hard wood that has been used for tool handles for centuries. We then burn each handle by hand to give it our rustic look and finish them with an industrial strength finish to protect it from the elements and prepare it to help you battle your next campfire.

Okay, We understand that is a bold claim but our customers back it up. We set out to make the best fire poker possible and we think we did. Let us tell you why!
Amongst the pine trees and lakes of northern Minnesota, you often hear the term "Up North". It has become a destination and a term to describe a region and way of life, I am going "Up North".