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5 Uses For a Campfire Bay Stainless Fire Poker

  • 2 min read

When we set out to make a quality fire poker that fit our goals of helping us around the bonfire, we did not go into it with any other uses in mind.  Over the course of having one of these handy tools around, we have found multiples uses besides the obvious.  Here are just a few!

#1.  Of course the most obvious use for this awesome tool is for your outdoor fire pit.

The 6" hook works great to push and pull those logs into place.  The extra-long 48" poker works great around any size fire.This is the perfect fire poker for camping and is sure to make your neighbors ask where you got it. Pick one of these fire pit pokers up online and have it ready for your next gathering.   

Tending to a fire!

#2.  They make a great walking stick! 

The 48" model is a great size for this.  The handle is smooth and comfortable and the leather strap helps to give you a little support.  Probably not heavy enough for some serious hiking but the 3/8" stainless bar is going to hold up to most uses.

Walking Stick

#3.  Perfect for getting stuff out of the back of your truck!

How many times have you had something slide to the front of the truck bed and you had to decide to either climb in or find something to reach it with.  Keep a Campfire Bay Fire Poker handy, worked for us many times!

Truck Pull

#4.  Get a Polish Golf Ball out of a tree! (Yes, Really)

It happened and we were not far from the fire pit and our trusty fire poker was available to save the day. AGAIN!!!!!!

Polish Golf

#5.  SMALL dog TEMPORARY stake holder!

We may have to say don't try this one at home and the fire poker was in no way manufactured for this use.  However it worked in a pinch for us and Sadie our 9 month old puppy.