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How we made the Best Fire Pit Poker on the market.

  • 2 min read

Okay, We understand that is a bold claim but our customers back it up. We set out to make the best fire pit poker possible and we think we did. Let us tell you why!

Quality of Materials

Our fire pit pokers are made of stainless steel. Using stainless ensures they will not rust or corrode over time like the steel versions offered elsewhere. The strength of stainless is superior as well, but that comes at a cost. We could make our fire poker cheaper by using steel but cheap was not an adjective we were shooting for.


Our fire pokers are made by hand in Minnesota. Each one is carefully welded and inspected to ensure perfect placement of the hook. Our handle is often described as beautiful or with statements like "great craftsmanship" or "high quality". Don't take our word for it, read some of the reviews. We take great pride in our products and we are extremely humbled by all the nice things people have to say about this product.

Light Weight & Strong

Yes, you can have both and the answer lies in our careful choice of materials as well as our handle design. We designed our campfire poker to not be a burden to carry and hold while you move a log. It was important to us to create a product that combined all the things we felt were important in a fire pit poker.

Extra Long

Look, no one wants to flip a log in the fire and burn the hair off their knuckles in the process. We make our fire poker 46" long to ensure you have the prefect amount of clearance away from the fire.

The Hook

The hook design is the sole reason one customer told us this was the best fire poker he ever used. Our 6" hook allows you to cradle logs and pull them into place. We have tried the alternatives most people use and we prefer the hook style, hands down.

The Handle

Our handle is probably the most talked about and commented on part of our fire pokers. A 11" long handle ensures it large enough to use 2 hands when needed and also much easier on your hands then the simple bent over metal styles. We make each handle by hand, and give them our signature burned look to add to the rustic and rugged look of our stainless fire pit pokers. 

Customer Service

Our goal is to provide a quality, American made product and provide you the best customer service you have seen in years. It is not lip service, we do it. Again, read the reviews. We are passionate about our products, our customers and making sure we are doing everything we can for you. Customer service is indeed not dead, let us prove it to you!


To back our strong statements of the best fire poker on the market we offer a full 1 year guarantee. If you have a problem or defect in workmanship, send it back to us and we will send you a new one. Simple as that!