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Who is Campfire Bay in Waconia MN?

  • 2 min read

Who is Campfire Bay?  

We are a family of 5 in Waconia, Minnesota with 3 young daughters.  The kids don't work for the company of course, however they do help and they LEARN.  I guess that may have been one of the unintended benefits of all of this and truly very rewarding.  Our kids are seeing what it takes to start a business from scratch, from a whiteboard in our living room to reality.  They are seeing the business grow and as we dream, they dream.  They see us bring home a plastic mannequin and you can bet that raised eyebrows.  Did you have any idea how hard it is to take good pictures of T-Shirts?  We had no idea.  We also remember when we parked our cars inside the garage but now it has turned into Campfire Bay World Headquarters. (Does that make us sound Big Time?)

We are learning as we go, we are making mistakes, we are getting things right and at the end of the day that could be about our life as parents or running a small business.  Join us in our journey as we try to build a small business into something we can be proud of, our kids can dream about and most of all have fun working together to create.

We will document our journey along the way, mistakes and victories.  Being a dad of 3 daughters I am sure you will see some blog post about the challenge of such an endeavorer.  From thoughts on business to watching our 3 girls grow up, we are sure to have plenty of content to write about.

You can join us on our journey by Subscribing to our Newsletter on our site to be notified of any New Products, Blog Posts or Exclusive Discounts.  We would love it if you joined us and we welcome your comments.

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WAIT............... WAIT A Minute!!!!!   I Almost forgot!

Don't forget about Sadie!  She is part of the family too and she loves to be part of the action. She is a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and you will find her on Instagram and Facebook often.

So if someone asks you who is Campfire Bay, You can tell them it is a family of 5, a dog and 2 mannequins in Waconia, Minnesota!

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