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Fire Poker - Signature Series

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Signature Series Fire Poker

This fire pit poker is made in Minnesota and features the same high quality as our elite series fire poker in a steel version.  It features high quality construction and a strong ash handle.  The length allows for turning the logs from a safe distance around the campfire.  Our large signature hook also makes it easy to control the logs and pull them into place.



  • 46" or 36" Long
  • Steel (3/8" Heavy Duty Round Bar)
  • High Temp Powder Coat Finish
  • 1.75 Lbs
  • Our Signature, Handmade Wood Handle (Ash)
  • Large 6" hook to turn those big logs

What is the difference between the Elite and Signature Series?

Our campfire tools are offered in 2 different versions. Our elite series and most popular version and also our new signature series.