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Heavy Duty Fire Poker

This one means business and is possibly the last fire pit poker you will ever buy. Made from 100% stainless steel.  Our highly rated fire poker with a beautifully hand welded stainless steel handle. You can leave this one out in the elements for, well....ever!

The length allows for turning the logs from a safe distance around the fire.  Our large signature hook also makes it easy to control the logs and pull them into place.



  • 46" Long
  • Stainless Steel (3/8" Heavy Duty Round Bar)
  • Stainless Steel Handle (1 1/4" Round)
  • Large 6" hook to turn those big logs


Optional Stand

This simple stand is a perfect solution to have your fire poker accessible around the fire. Designed for use on brick patios and driveways where sticking the poker in the ground is not an option.

* Can also be used in grass or dirt if area is level.

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We believe so much in the craftsmanship of this product we guarantee it for 1 year.  If it breaks or you are otherwise unsatisfied over that time, send it back and we will send you a new one or refund you.  That simple!