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Our fire pokers were designed to be the best on the market. We do not cut corners and do not apologize about making a prodcut that is high quality and even what some people feel is expensive.

We design tools meant to last and work for years to come. We all enjoy time around a campfire and having a campfire poker that is able to stand up is important to us

What makes your roasting sticks the best?

Well, First we take great pride in building a high quality product right here in the USA. We use superior materials and craftsmanship in every roasting stick we produce. We refuse to cut corners to sacrafice quality or make a prodcut "cheap". Those options are everywhere and it is not our goal.

Campfire Bay roasting sticks are made of stainless steel and lets you rest assured you are cooking with a food safe product.

We stand behind our prodcuts and provide the customer service and support you would expect but often never see. At Campfire Bay our mission to create high qulity tools for around the campfire is being acheived when you read our reviews. Don't take our word for it, go see what others are saying.

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When choosing a Campfire Bay fire pit poker you are getting proven quality and serivce. We do not just say it, we prove it.