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Fire Poker

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Size: 36 inch
Add Tool Bag: No Bag

Upgrade your fire pit experience with our high-quality American made fire poker. Handcrafted in Minnesota, our stainless steel fire poker features sturdy construction and a beautifully finished, rustic burned handle. Its length allows for safe log turning around the campfire, while the large signature hook simplifies log control and placement. Elevate your fire pit gatherings with our reliable and functional American-made fire poker.


  • 36" or 42" Long
  • Stainless Steel (3/8" Heavy Duty Round Bar)
  • 36" Version Weighs 1.375 Lbs
  • 42" Version Weighs 1.625 Lbs
  • Our Signature, Handmade Wood Handle (Ash)
  • Large 6" hook to turn those big logs