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Eat Sleep Camp Repeat Fire Poker

Size: 36 inch
Add Tool Bag: No Bag

Enhance your outdoor fires with our top-tier stainless fire pokers. Our phrase and saying collection features fun phrases and unique sayings burned into our high-quality Campfire Bay handle. Crafted from rust-free stainless steel, these pokers are built to last a lifetime.

Whether it's a classic joke, a witty pun, or an inspiring quote, each one brings joy and conversation to your fireside moments.


  • 36" or 42" Long
  • Stainless Steel (3/8" Heavy Duty Round Bar)
  • 36" Version Weighs 1.375 Lbs
  • 42" Version Weighs 1.625 Lbs
  • Eat Sleep Camp Repeat Engraved Handle
  • Large 6" hook to turn those big logs

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