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Fire Pit Tongs

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Size: 36 inch

Our stainless steel fire pit tongs are another heavy duty accessory for handling logs around the campfire. Built out of stainless steel and finished with our rustic, handmade handle. The incorporation of teeth into the campfire tongs allows for lifting logs with ease. 


  • 36" or 42" Long
  • 36" Version Weighs 3.25 Lbs
  • 42" Version Weighs 3.75 Lbs
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Our Signature, Handmade Wood Handle (Ash)
  • Teeth for gripping and lifting logs with ease
  • Slotted pivot point for smooth operation

Size Guide

36" Fire Tongs Recommended For:

  • All smokeless fire pits
  • Driveway and backyard fire pits 30" or smaller
  • Campground fire rings

42" Fire Tongs Recommended For:

  • Fire pits 36" and up
  • If you prefer to stay farther away from the fire.

** Both options work in many situations and are a personal preference. Guide is based on our own use and that of our customers

If you have further questions open the chat and send us an instant message and let us help you decide.